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RIBA Stage 0

If possible, collaborate with the client in the initial stages, helping choose their space, if relocating.  This gives the client a vision of how the spaces can best work, with the help of test fits and possibly 3D Visualisations.  This is an invaluable exercise to finding the right space for the you.


RIBAStage 1

From the beginning we work closely with the client, including the stakeholders.  This is our opportunity to fully understand and capture the requirements from a holistic business overview.


Space planning
RIBA Stage 2a

We take the above information and deliver a space plan that works for the business but like to consider how effective the space can be.  We look at desk ratios, collaboration spaces, focused working and movement within the office.  We can produce 2D space plans or more developed 3D Axonometrics which help the client understand the space easier.


RIBA Stage 2b

At the time of space planning we start considering the design of the space, how we can add the creative elements of materiality, colour, lighting and joinery.  We integrate what we learnt about your internal and external brand and core values.  At this stage, we look at how furniture works within the space, in both a design and functional consideration and love to create 3D renders to help visualise the key areas. 


Developed Design
RIBAStage 3

This is a stage where we produce drawings for costing and high level coordination . We work alongside the various consultants on the project, understanding the integration of services, security, acoustics, AV and Data.  Addressing and resolving any challenges we may be confronted with before the project goes to the contractor. 



Technical Design & Coordination
RIBA Stage 4 & 5

Developing the concept into fully coordinated drawings and further detailing construction with the appointed contractors and sub contractors.  This stage is about close collaboration with the full project team assuring all detail is costed, programmed and buildable.

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